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10 Myths About Mobile Imaging: Part 1

Modalities such as PET/CT, MRI, and CT offer a tremendous benefit to patients. Camera technology and innovations in the imaging market have made it easier than ever to offer these modalities. So why is it that many facilities still do not offer all of the important radiology imaging services?

We’ve heard a number of different reasons for not pursuing local imaging services. However, in our experience, there is a solution to everything! Providing healthcare to those who need it, when they need it, and where they need it is our specialty. Below are the top 10 busted myths that are holding facilities back:

Myth #1. I don’t have time to consider a new service line

You’re busy. The idea of considering another service along with everything else you need to do just may not fly. However, that’s exactly where we come in.0

Partnering with a mobile service can be a great solution when you just don’t have the time to implement a new service yourself. We can cover most of the tasks you would otherwise need to complete in order to justify a new service, such as:

  • A needs analysis
  • Building the case to substantiate the need for a new service line
  • Development of protocols
  • Planning for all aspects of the service, including staffing.

Do you have time to consider a new service line if those aspects are taken care of? A partnership with a mobile service provider can really make sense for busy practices.

Myth #2. I don’t have it in the budget and the administration will never approve the costs

A critical feature of the mobile imaging is that it can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the healthcare facility. Your level of service can be dictated by your patient volumes.

From our experience, your patient volume will increase once the new imaging modality is available to your physician base. In time, mobile service provided at a frequency that your patient volumes justify will give you the financial justification you will need to add a new in-house modality or provide you with financial proof that mobile services are the best solution for your patient volumes. In fact, mobile is a great way to explore the possibility of an added service later.

Core concerns for hospital administrators are generally around budget and the risk of running at a loss. However, many facilities will opt to go with a “fee per scan” contract scenario which guarantees that you will generate revenue on every scan performed without the risk.

Myth #3. I don’t have the volumes to justify a new service line

Wherever people are, healthcare is needed. In communities all over the country, people are traveling long distances to get the imaging that they need. If there is nothing available locally, then your patient population is going elsewhere for imaging. There is always a need.

Quality healthcare close to home would be the ideal solution for most patients, so the chances are you do have the volumes there. What you could do is start with a simple pilot program using a mobile imaging service. For example, you might make imaging available once per month or once per week to gauge local demand.

If you have the ability to determine how many patients are referred out each month, this is a great baseline from which we can build upon. Additionally, we have the ability to pull market data and statistically determine the estimated volumes of scans that your local patient population is having elsewhere.

Between our estimates and your known referral volumes, we’ll be able to assist with creating a pro forma to determine the financial viability of a new mobile imaging service line at your facility.

Myth #4. I don’t have the authority to make decisions about new service lines

Maybe you don’t… on the surface. Your leadership isn’t in their position by happenstance. They’re there because somewhere along the line, others have empowered them and allowed their voices to be heard.

We can assure you, that equipped with the right information, your wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit will be recognized. By working with our team, we can help you with the information necessary to gain favor with your project. Think about it this way; we aren’t one of the oldest mobile imaging providers in the country by luck. We know what we’re doing and we know what information is impactful. Let us help you.

Myth #5. I have a current contract I’m obligated to keep

For many large organizations, a national or multi-site corporate agreement makes sense and can be very successful. However, when decisions are made on a corporate, non-local level, issues or opportunities are sometimes more difficult to identify.

If you’re currently locked into a corporate agreement, we can aid you with providing a justification for change. Whether it’s staffing or scheduling issues, lack of responsiveness, technology or something else – we’ve seen it and can help you gather data and put together a solid case for change. Being in the mobile imaging industry for over 40 years, we have the experience and know-how to help your local department succeed.

Besides that, you deserve the benefits of a true partnership with your mobile service provider. We believe there’s always room for improvement and take a proactive approach to ensuring that our partners’ businesses are growing and succeeding in the areas we can help with.

We hope this answers many of your questions about mobile imaging! There are a lot of “popular” myths that float around and need to be addressed.

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