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10 Myths About Mobile Imaging: Part 2

Modalities such as PET/CT, MRI, and CT offer a tremendous benefit to patients. Camera technology and innovations in the imaging market have made it easier than ever to offer these modalities.

So why is it that many facilities still do not offer all of the important radiology imaging services? We’ve heard a number of different reasons for not pursuing local imaging services. However, in our experience, there is a solution to everything!

Here’s part two of the top 10 busted myths that are holding facilities back:

Myth #6. I won’t have control over staff and the imaging process

Actually, it’s just the opposite. With mobile imaging, your office oversees the imaging staff and equipment that your lead physician supervises. We work together to ensure a seamless experience for patients and the clinic as a whole. We know how important it is to maintain high standards and a positive experience for patients and that is a priority for us too. Mobile imaging should fit effortlessly into your current setup, rather than being an autonomous unit.

Myth #7. I can’t take on a project of this scale at this time

For mobile imaging projects, the success of a program and its startup is not an individual effort. We will coordinate and work with all of the necessary team members within your organization to make sure that the program is started without a hitch. We’ll work with your billing, scheduling, reimbursement, interpreting physicians, IT, marketing teams and referring providers to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered.

Mobile imaging is our specialty and we’ll make sure that it’s done right. Not the right time? Too much on your plate right now? Not to worry. If you provide us with the contact information for the key individuals at your facility, we will take care of coordinating everything. Our goal is to make this new service line launch successful and stress-free. Besides, how much downstream revenue (treatments, follow up appointments, subsequent imaging procedures, etc.) is lost by choosing to not start a mobile imaging service?

Myth #8. Another mobile imaging service is cheaper

Have you ever heard the phrase “Cheap tools are always the most expensive tools”? While others may provide quotes for services that appear to be cheaper, it is important to look at the entire service and revenue stream as a whole. Would you rather save a few dollars on the front end, or go with a quality provider and maximize your revenue? We’ve listed some important things to consider below:

  • Service considerations: What is the uptime on the equipment? Where is the closest service engineer? Does the cheaper service provide 24/7 service support? Who is responsible for the labor and repair of the equipment? Quality service and support should be a priority when choosing a mobile provider. Many of our current customers have made the switch because they were down for days or weeks with a cheaper option, resulting in lost revenue and disrupted referral patterns.
  • Marketing considerations: Does the cheaper provider offer a dedicated marketing representative that you can call for assistance? Will they proactively notify you of new opportunities and industry news? We take a proactive approach to helping your business succeed. We keep an eye on industry happenings and help your facility stay up to date with the latest procedures and exams available. While the cheaper option may simply provide the service, we are out there looking for ways to improve your volumes and patient retention, resulting in higher revenues for the service line. For example, in 2018, we helped our PET/CT customers grow their volumes over 10% nationwide. In 2019, we have helped some PET/CT sites grow their volumes over 40%!
  • Daily operations: Does the cheaper mobile service provider have specialists that will ensure that your equipment is operating at an optimal level? When their technologist goes on vacation or is sick, does the business simply shut down? Do they have a dedicated service operator for your particular service that is your point of contact? Again, these are things that we take into consideration and help to alleviate with our comprehensive services.

Myth #9. Mobile imaging won’t be able to provide the quality studies of a stationary camera

Our DMS Health mobile imaging delivers the full package. Our trailers are fully equipped with high-quality imaging equipment and the ability to transfer images and data. If needed, we can also provide the staff to manage the trailer and the accreditations to do so. The following modalities are available:

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • PET/CT
  • CT
  • Cath/Angio
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Bone density
  • 2D and 3D mammography.

We use advanced cameras that will provide as good, if not better studies than the fixed cameras you are referring to. Importantly, you can expect stability and reliability too. If you choose to use our staff, you will get highly-trained personnel who are also required to meet our continuous improvement standards. A huge part of getting a quality study is ensuring the equipment is operated by great staff, so this is very important to us for ensuring the best results for our clients.

Myth #10. I need a long-term solution for the next 3-5 years, not 3-5 months

Initially, partnering with a mobile imaging provider for a long-term solution may seem like a silly thing to do. Why rent a piece of equipment that I’m planning on buying anyways? Doesn’t it just make more sense to purchase the equipment from the beginning? Maybe. For many of our partners who utilize our mobile imaging services as a long-term solution, they have a handful of reasons that make a lot of sense. Here are some of the reasons why DMS Health is a great solution for your next piece of imaging equipment:

  • Lack of physical space for a new piece of equipment
  • A year or so after the initial purchase, the service contracts kick in and things start getting really expensive, really fast
  • Constructions costs are often large and unpredictable; de-installation, installation, suite remodels, cost of equipment, software, etc…
  • Build volumes on an operating budget and not worry about capital constraints

These are just some of the many reasons that healthcare facilities choose to park a mobile imaging unit on-site for years at a time. Limit your risk exposure with the ability to upgrade or cancel service at any time; it just makes sense.

Final thoughts

We hope this answers many of your questions about mobile imaging! There are a lot of “popular” myths that float around and need to be addressed. The bottom line is, mobile imaging services are of very high quality and can deliver you a flexible option to getting the imaging you need. You can expect to deal with highly-trained staff who understand the business of healthcare.

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