Continually recognized as a leader in our industry

Accredited by the Joint Commission Since 1999

DMS Health Technologies is accredited with The Joint Commission as a healthcare system under the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Ambulatory Care. Our commitment to the utmost patient care and safety has been recognized by The Joint Commission every year since 1999, making us a true leader in our field.

We fully embrace the rigor and high standards set by this prestigious accreditation body. The feedback we receive is implemented throughout our organization, including:

  • Strengthening community confidence in the care they receive from us
  • Improving risk management and reduction
  • Using TJC’s comprehensive resources to enhance staff education
  • Implementing changes and recommendations from our extensive review by TJC surveyors
  • Keeping patient safety a main priority from the top of our organization all the way down the ranks

Beyond our accreditation, The Joint Commission trusts DMS Health as a beta site for testing new imaging standards. As a result, we are honored to be in the unique position of helping to shape the future of imaging within our industry while remaining at the forefront of patient care.