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How Does Your Patient Volume Compare to National Averages?

Have you ever wondered if your patient volumes are high or low? Would it be helpful to know where your department stands relative to other hospitals across the country? Now, with the new Patient Volume Benchmark Report, you can know.

This custom report generator was created by DMS Health and was designed to help imaging departments gain insight on where they stand and if their volumes are high or low.

Analyzing the Data

The report analyzes the data of four different modalities: MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, and PET/CT. Using a web-based form, users enter their average yearly study volume for each modality, and then the generator compares their numbers against national benchmarks.

Data from the report is pulled from industry sources, national databases, and was cross-checked with yearly figures from CMS. Matthew Hoover and the DMS team spent months analyzing the statistics, talking with facilities, and pouring over reports to make the information reflect accurate national averages for each modality.

What’s Inside the Report

The core of the report features a comparison of the imaging department’s volume relative to national averages. After comparing the data, the report breaks down if the user’s numbers are high or low, shows the financial impact of the gap, and then charts out the five-year impact of the current volume.

Patient Volume Benchmark Report Tool from DMS Health

“Being able to quickly and easily gauge where you stand for a modality like MRI or CT is a great way to know if your department is over-performing or is falling behind,” said Hoover.

Additionally, if a user does not enter volume data for one, or all of the modalities, the report displays the potential impact of offering the modality at their facility. Seeing the averages and possible scan volume helps departments that are considering adding a modality such as PET/CT.

How to Get Your Report

Creating a report is easy. Simply visit the DMS Health Patient Volume Benchmark Report generator to get started. To customize your information, all you need to do is enter the average yearly volume for each modality you offer and select your population size. The form should take about two minutes, and the reports are created instantly.

We look forward to hearing how imaging departments use this report and welcome your feedback about where you stand and how your department compares to the national averages.


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