Interim imaging solutions designed to fit your needs

Interim imaging solutions

ImageBridge, from DMS Health, brings long- or short-term imaging services directly to your facility. Interim imaging is a smart way to ensure your patients’ needs are met without a long term financial commitment. ImageBridge delivers the high-quality imaging equipment you need.

Provisional or Modular

The ImageBridge service can be adapted to your unique needs. Services can be delivered on a weekly basis (mobile) or as a fixed site (interim) solution. The choice allows you to have the equipment you need, when you need it. DMS provides everything you need to offer imaging including the equipment, service, staffing, and installation.

ImageBridge Interim Imaging is provided using a mobile trailer that is delivered to your facility. The imaging space is fully equipped, furnished and ready for patients. All you need to provide is power and data to get started. Our DMS system will be an extension of your facility to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Additional Revenue Stream

The ImageBridge program is designed help you earn profit, not be a cost center. The program reimbursement structure allows for a continued revenue stream with minimal disturbance.

Ideal For

  • Remodeling or Renovation
  • Reducing Patient Back-log
  • Equipment Repair
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Disaster Recover

Multiple Vendor Options

DMS Health Technologies provides equipment selections from various OEM manufacturers with multi-level software. Our goal is to deliver the best suited equipment for your facility to ensure a smooth transition.

Want to Learn More?

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